This page lists the reasons that the time is near for the long-awaited . . . . .

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The 10 events in the list below uniquely fit into prophecy about the 2nd Coming.
These events have never occurred in history since Jesus left 2000 years ago - UNTIL NOW:

Earth is approaching its 6000-th year since Adam, so if God's plan is a 7000-year plan, then we are about to enter the GREAT TRIBULATION just before the return of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the final 1000 years - THE MILLENNIUM . (Rev 20:1-6)
The Jews are a nation back in the land of Israel for the first time since their dispersion almost 2000 years ago by the Romans in 70AD. Also the search for a peace treaty is in process. (Dan 9:27)
Formation of the world economy with mega-corporation mergers and the use of the 666 barcode electronic economic system. (Rev 13:16-18)
Beginning the formation of a world government.
Development of the Internet, cable, satellite, cell-phone, GPS and wireless networks allows 2-way monitoring of the activities of all people and ultimately for worshipping the Antichrist. (Rev 13:14-15)
The 200 million-man army of China and Southeast Asia exist to the east of Israel. (Rev 9:13-19)
Potential for mass destruction by chemical, biological and nuclear weapons by nations or terrorists.
Beginning of the formation of an ecumenical world religion and the apostasy of the Christian Institutional Church.
There has been an exponential increase in technology and knowledge (Daniel 12:1-4), getting beyond control.
Approaching limits on population & ecology (nuclear wastes, forests, landfills, water & air pollution) and exponential increase in worldwide travel and trade, providing potential for epidemics and pestilence.

What’s to come? Some events to watch for . . . .