Bible Outline of the Book of Exodus
Moses Leads the Iraelites out of Egypt
(Ex 1-18)
The Birth of MosesEx 1:1-2:10
Moses in MidianEx 2:11-4:17
Moses Returns to Egypt Ex 4:18-6:12
Genealogy - MosesEx 6:13-27
The 10 Plagues and the PassoverEx 6:28-12:30
The Exodus from EgyptEx 12:31-13:16
Crossing the SeaEx 13:17-15:21
From the Sea to Mount SinaiEx 15:22-18:27
The Israelites at Mount Sinai
(Ex 19-31)
(Ex 32-40)
The Ten CommandmentsEx 19:1-20:21
Various Laws Set Forth by GodEx 20:22-24:18
The Tabernacle Defined by GodEx 25-31
The Golden CalfEx 32:1-33:6
The Meeting TentEx 33:7-23
The New TabletsEx 34
The Tabernacle is BuiltEx 35-40