Bible Outline of the Book of Hosea
Hosea (all Chapters)
(Hosea 1-14)
IntroductionHosea 1:1
Hosea's Wife and ChildrenHosea 1:2-2:1
Israel Punished and RestoredHosea 2:2-23
Hosea's Reconciliation With His WifeHosea 3
The Charge Against IsraelHosea 4
Judgment Against IsraelHosea 5
Israel UnrepentantHosea 6:1-7:16
Israel to Reap the WhirlwindHosea 8
Punishment for IsraelHosea 9:1-10:15
God's Love for IsraelHosea 11:1-11
Israel's SinHosea 11:12-12:14
The LORD'S Anger Against IsraelHosea 13
Repentance to Bring BlessingHosea 14

Bible Outline of the Book of Joel
Joel (all Chapters)
(Joel 1-3)
IntroductionJoel 1:1
An Invasion of LocustsJoel 1:2-12
A Call to RepentanceJoel 1:13-20
An Army of LocustsJoel 2:1-11
Rend Your HeartJoel 2:12-17
The LORD'S AnswerJoel 2:18-27
The Day of the LORDJoel 2:28-32
The Nations JudgedJoel 3:1-16
Blessings for God's PeopleJoel 3:17-21

Bible Outline of the Book of Amos
Amos (all Chapters)
(Amos 1-9)
IntroductionAmos 1:1-2
Judgment on Israel's NeighborsAmos 1:3-2:5
Judgment on IsraelAmos 2:6-16
Witnesses Summoned Against IsraelAmos 3
Israel Has Not Returned to GodAmos 4
A Lament and Call to RepentanceAmos 5:1-17
The Day of the LORDAmos 5:18-27
Woe to the ComplacentAmos 6
Locusts, Fire and a Plumb LineAmos 7:1-9
Amos and AmaziahAmos 7:10-17
A Basket of Ripe FruitAmos 8
Israel to Be DestroyedAmos 9:1-10
Israel's RestorationAmos 9:11-15

Bible Outline of the Book of Obadiah
Obadiah (all Verses)
(Obad 1)
ObadiahObad 1

Bible Outline of the Book of Jonah
Jonah (all Chapters)
(Jonah 1-4)
Jonah Flees From the LORDJonah 1
Jonah's PrayerJonah 2
Jonah Goes to NinevehJonah 3
Jonah's Anger at the LORD's CompassionJonah 4

Bible Outline of the Book of Micah
Micah (all Chapters)
(Micah 1-7)
IntroductionMicah 1:1-2
Judgment Against Samaria and JerusalemMicah 1:3-7
Weeping and MourningMicah 1:8-16
Man's Plans and God'sMicah 2:1-5
False ProphetsMicah 2:6-11
Deliverance PromisedMicah 2:12-13
Leaders and Prophets RebukedMicah 3
The Mountain of the LORDMicah 4:1-5
The LORD'S PlanMicah 4:6-13
A Promised Ruler From BethlehemMicah 5:1-5
Deliverance and DestructionMicah 5:6-15
The LORD'S Case Against IsraelMicah 6:1-8
Israel's Guilt and PunishmentMicah 6:9-16
Israel's MiseryMicah 7:1-7
Israel Will RiseMicah 7:8-13
Prayer and PraiseMicah 7:14-20

Bible Outline of the Book of Nahum
Nahum (all Chapters)
(Nahum 1-3)
IntroductionNahum 1:1
The LORD'S Anger Against NinevehNahum 1:2-15
Nineveh to FallNahum 2
Woe to NinevehNahum 3

Bible Outline of the Book of Habakkuk
Habakkuk (all Chapters)
(Hab 1-3)
IntroductionHab 1:1
Habakkuk's ComplaintHab 1:2-4
The LORD'S AnswerHab 1:5-11
Habakkuk's Second ComplaintHab 1:12-2:1
The LORD'S AnswerHab 2:2-20
Habakkuk's PrayerHab 3

Bible Outline of the Book of Zephaniah
Zephaniah (all Chapters)
(Zeph 1-3)
IntroductionZeph 1:1
Warning of Coming DestructionZeph 1:2-3
Against JudahZeph 1:4-13
The Great Day of the LORDZeph 1:14-2:3
Against PhilistiaZeph 2:4-7
Against Moab and AmmonZeph 2:8-11
Against CushZeph 2:12
Against AssyriaZeph 2:13-15
The Future of JerusalemZeph 3

Bible Outline of the Book of Haggai
Haggai (all Chapters)
(Hag 1-2)
A Call to Build the House of the LORDHag 1
The Promised Glory of the New HouseHag 2:1-9
Blessings for a Defiled PeopleHag 2:10-19
Zerubbabel the LORD's Signet RingHag 2:20-23

Bible Outline of the Book of Zechariah
Zechariah (all Chapters)
(Zech 1-14)
A Call to Return to the LORDZech 1:1-6
A Man Among the Myrtle TreesZech 1:7-17
Four Horns and Four CraftsmenZech 1:18-21
A Man With a Measuring LineZech 2
Clean Garments for the High PriestZech 3
The Gold Lampstand and the Two Olive TreesZech 4
The Flying ScrollZech 5:1-4
The Woman in a BasketZech 5:5-11
Four ChariotsZech 6:1-8
A Crown for JoshuaZech 6:9-15
Justice and Mercy, Not FastingZech 7
The LORD Promises to Bless JerusalemZech 8
Judgment on Israel's EnemiesZech 9:1-8
The Coming of Zion's KingZech 9:9-13
The LORD Will AppearZech 9:14-17
The LORD Will Care for JudahZech 10-11
Jerusalem's Enemies to Be DestroyedZech 12:1-9
Mourning for the One They PiercedZech 12:10-14
Cleansing From SinZech 13:1-6
The Shepherd Struck, the Sheep ScatteredZech 13:7-9
The LORD Comes and ReignsZech 14

Bible Outline of the Book of Malachi
Malachi (all Chapters)
(Mal 1-4)
IntroductionMal 1:1
Jacob Loved, Esau HatedMal 1:2-5
Blemished SacrificesMal 1:6-14
Admonition for the PriestsMal 2:1-9
Judah UnfaithfulMal 2:10-16
The Day of JudgmentMal 2:17-3:5
Robbing GodMal 3:6-18
The Day of the LORDMal 4