Bible Outline of the Book of James
James (all Chapters)
(James 1-5)
IntroductionJames 1:1
Trials and TemptationsJames 1:2-18
Listening and DoingJames 1:19-27
Favoritism ForbiddenJames 2:1-13
Faith and DeedsJames 2:14-26
Taming the TongueJames 3:1-12
Two Kinds of WisdomJames 3:13-18
Submit Yourselves to GodJames 4:1-12
Boasting About TomorrowJames 4:13-17
Warning to Rich OppressorsJames 5:1-6
Patience in SufferingJames 5:7-12
The Prayer of FaithJames 5:13-20

Bible Outline of the Book of 1st Peter
Peter 1 (all Chapters)
(1Peter 1-5)
Introduction1Peter 1:1-2
Praise to God for a Living Hope1Peter 1:3-12
Be Holy1Peter 1:13-2:3
The Living Stone and a Chosen People1Peter 2:4-12
Submission to Rulers and Masters1Peter 2:13-25
Wives and Husbands1Peter 3:1-7
Suffering for Doing Good1Peter 3:8-22
Living for God1Peter 4:1-11
Suffering for Being a Christian1Peter 4:12-19
To Elders and Young Men1Peter 5:1-11
Final Greetings1Peter 5:12-14

Bible Outline of the Book of 2nd Peter
Peter 2 (all Chapters)
(2Peter 1-3)
Introduction2Peter 1:1-2
Making One's Calling and Election Sure2Peter 1:3-11
Prophecy of Scripture2Peter 1:12-21
False Teachers and Their Destruction2Peter 2
The Day of the Lord2Peter 3

Bible Outline of the Book of 1st John
John 1 (all Chapters)
(1John 1-5)
The Word of Life1John 1:1-4
Walking in the Light1John 1:5-2:14
Do Not Love the World1John 2:15-17
Warning Against Antichrists1John 2:18-27
Children of God1John 2:28-3:10
Love One Another1John 3:11-24
Test the Spirits1John 4:1-6
God's Love and Ours1John 4:7-21
Faith in the Son of God1John 5:1-12
Concluding Remarks1John 5:13-21

Bible Outline of the Book of 2nd John
John 2 (all Verses)
2 John2John

Bible Outline of the Book of 3rd John
John 3 (all Verses)
3 John3John

Bible Outline of the Book of Jude
Jude (all Verses)
IntroductionJude 1:1-2
The Sin and Doom of Godless MenJude 1:3-16
A Call to PersevereJude 1:17-23
DoxologyJude 1:24-25