Bible Outline of the Book of Ezra
Ezra (all Chapters)
(Ezra 1-10)
Cyrus Helps the Exiles to ReturnEzra 1
The List of the Exiles Who ReturnedEzra 2
Rebuilding the AltarEzra 3:1-6
Rebuilding the TempleEzra 3:7-13
Opposition to the RebuildingEzra 4:1-5
Later Opposition Under Xerxes and ArtaxerxesEzra 4:6-24
Tattenai's Letter to DariusEzra 5
The Decree of DariusEzra 6:1-12
Completion and Dedication of the TempleEzra 6:13-18
The PassoverEzra 6:19-22
Ezra Comes to JerusalemEzra 7:1-10
King Artaxerxes' Letter to EzraEzra 7:11-28
List of the Family Heads Returning With EzraEzra 8:1-14
The Return to JerusalemEzra 8:15-36
Ezra's Prayer About IntermarriageEzra 9
The People's Confession of SinEzra 10:1-17
Those Guilty of IntermarriageEzra 10:18-44

Bible Outline of the Book of Nehemiah
Nehemiah (all Chapters)
(Nehemiah 1-13)
Nehemiah's PrayerNehemiah 1
Artaxerxes Sends Nehemiah to JerusalemNehemiah 2:1-10
Nehemiah Inspects Jerusalem's WallsNehemiah 2:11-20
Builders of the WallNehemiah 3
Opposition to the RebuildingNehemiah 4
Nehemiah Helps the PoorNehemiah 5
Further Opposition to the RebuildingNehemiah 6:1-14
The Completion of the WallNehemiah 6:15-7:3
The List of the Exiles Who ReturnedNehemiah 7:4-73
Ezra Reads the LawNehemiah 8
The Israelites Confess Their SinsNehemiah 9:1-37
The Agreement of the PeopleNehemiah 9:38-10:39
The New Residents of JerusalemNehemiah 11
Priests and LevitesNehemiah 12:1-26
Dedication of the Wall of JerusalemNehemiah 12:27-47
Nehemiah's Final ReformsNehemiah 13

Bible Outline of the Book of Esther
Esther (all Chapters)
(Esther 1-10)
Queen Vashti DeposedEsther 1
Esther Made QueenEsther 2:1-18
Mordecai Uncovers a ConspiracyEsther 2:19-23
Haman's Plot to Destroy the JewsEsther 3
Mordecai Persuades Esther to HelpEsther 4
Esther's Request to the KingEsther 5:1-8
Haman's Rage Against MordecaiEsther 5:9-14
Mordecai HonoredEsther 6
Haman HangedEsther 7
The King's Edict in Behalf of the JewsEsther 8
Triumph of the JewsEsther 9:1-17
Purim CelebratedEsther 9:18-32
The Greatness of MordecaiEsther 10