Bible Outline of the Book of Joshua
Conquest of Canaan
(Josh 1-12)
The LORD Commands JoshuaJosh 1
Rahab and the SpiesJosh 2
Crossing the JordanJosh 3-4
Circumcision at GilgalJosh 5:1-12
The Fall of JerichoJosh 5:13-6:27
Achan's SinJosh 7
Ai DestroyedJosh 8:1-29
The Covenant Renewed at Mount EbalJosh 8:30-35
The Gibeonite DeceptionJosh 9
The Sun Stands StillJosh 10:1-15
Five Amorite Kings KilledJosh 10:16-28
Southern Cities ConqueredJosh 10:29-43
Northern Kings DefeatedJosh 11
List of Defeated KingsJosh 12
Division of the Land
(Josh 13-24)
Land Still to Be TakenJosh 13:1-7
Division of the Land East of the JordanJosh 13:8-33
Division of the Land West of the JordanJosh 14:1-5
Hebron Given to CalebJosh 14:6-15
Allotment for JudahJosh 15
Allotment for Ephraim and ManassehJosh 16-17
Division of the Rest of the LandJosh 18:1-10
Allotment for BenjaminJosh 18:11-28
Allotment for SimeonJosh 19:1-9
Allotment for Allotment for ZebulunJosh 19:10-16
Allotment for IssacharJosh 19:17-23
Allotment for AsherJosh 19:24-31
Allotment for NaphtaliJosh 19:32-39
Allotment for DanJosh 19:40-48
Allotment for JoshuaJosh 19:49-51
Cities of RefugeJosh 20
Towns for the LevitesJosh 21
Eastern Tribes Return HomeJosh 22
Joshua's Farewell to the LeadersJosh 23
The Covenant Renewed at ShechemJosh 24:1-27
Buried in the Promised LandJosh 24:28-33