Bible Outline of the Book of Galatians
Galatians (all Chapters)
(Gal 1-6)
IntroductionGal 1:1-5
No Other GospelGal 1:6-10
Paul Called by GodGal 1:11-24
Paul Accepted by the ApostlesGal 2:1-10
Paul Opposes PeterGal 2:11-21
Faith or Observance of the LawGal 3:1-14
The Law and the PromiseGal 3:15-25
Sons of GodGal 3:26-4:7
Paul's Concern for the GalatiansGal 4:8-20
Hagar and SarahGal 4:21-31
Freedom in ChristGal 5:1-15
Life by the SpiritGal 5:16-26
Doing Good to AllGal 6:1-10
Not Circumcision but a New CreationGal 6:11-18

Bible Outline of the Book of Ephesians
Ephesians (all Chapters)
(Eph 1-6)
IntroductionEph 1:1-2
Spiritual Blessings in ChristEph 1:3-14
Thanksgiving and PrayerEph 1:15-23
Made Alive in ChristEph 2:1-10
One in ChristEph 2:11-22
Paul the Preacher to the GentilesEph 3:1-13
A Prayer for the EphesiansEph 3:14-21
Unity in the Body of ChristEph 4:1-16
Living as Children of LightEph 4:17-5:21
Wives and HusbandsEph 5:22-33
Children and ParentsEph 6:1-4
Slaves and MastersEph 6:5-9
The Armor of GodEph 6:10-20
Final GreetingsEph 6:21-24

Bible Outline of the Book of Philippians
Philippians (all Chapters)
(Phil 1-4)
IntroductionPhili 1:1-2
Thanksgiving and PrayerPhili 1:3-11
Paul's Chains Advance the GospelPhili 1:12-30
Imitating Christ's HumilityPhili 2:1-11
Shining as StarsPhili 2:12-18
Timothy and EpaphroditusPhili 2:19-30
No Confidence in the FleshPhili 3:1-11
Pressing on Toward the GoalPhili 3:12-4:1
ExhortationsPhili 4:2-9
Thanks for Their GiftsPhili 4:10-20
Final GreetingsPhili 4:21-23

Bible Outline of the Book of Colossians
Colossians (all Chapters)
(Col 1-4)
IntroductionCol 1:1-2
Thankgiving and PrayerCol 1:3-14
The Supremacy of ChristCol 1:15-23
Paul's Labor for the ChurchCol 1:24-2:5
Freedom From Human Regulations Through Life With ChristCol 2:6-23
Rules for Holy LivingCol 3:1-17
Rules for Christian HouseholdsCol 3:18-4:1
Further InstructionsCol 4:2-6
Final GreetingsCol 4:7-18