The Invitation to become a Child of God

Becoming a child of God is a life changing decision. Here is what will happen if you will accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord -

  1. ALL CHARGES DROPPED, CASE DISMISSED - All of your sins will be forgiven and remembered no more as if they never happened.

  2. DEATH PENALTY DISMISSED - You will be saved from eternal judgement in the Lake of Fire. (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

  3. A NEW LIFESTYLE - You will become born again, a new creation in Jesus Christ with a new way of life.

  4. REUNITED WITH YOUR CREATOR - Where you were once separated from God by sin, you will now be reconciled to God by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.

  5. FREE REGISTRATION - Your name will be written in the Book of Life.

  6. SPIRITUAL ENERGY - The Holy Spirit will enter you and be your Guide and Counselor.

  7. WISDOM FOR LIVING, PREVIEW OF COMING EVENTS - You will have the Word of God - The Bible - to learn God's absolute truth about what's right and wrong, how to find fulfillment and joy in your life, grow spiritually, and to learn about prophetic events.

  8. BORN INTO GOD'S FAMILY, A WHOPPING INHERITANCE! - You will become a son or daughter of God. You will become an heir to all God has for you as your inheritance as His son or daughter.

  9. A NEW INDESTRUCTIBLE BODY - Whether you are dead or alive at the time of the Resurrection, you will get a new immortal body that will never age and never die.

  10. FREE ROOM & BOARD FOREVER - You will secure a home with God forever in the New Jerusalem on the New Earth at the end of the age.

If you are ready to make that choice, follow this link for a further explanation and the invitational prayer (on the 3rd page).